Product Details

Reverse/Front Parking Assist
  • Controler
    interface auto
  • Sensor
    interface auto
  • Sensor
    interface auto
  • Sensor
    interface auto
  • Buzzer
    interface auto

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  • Detects Obstacles in Path of Vehicle and Warns Driver using Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Used Normally for Assist during Parking


Features / Options

Consists of Sensors and Park Assist Controller Driving Audible Warning Device and Communicating with Display Device.


  • Mounted on Rear Bumper for Obstacle Detection during Reverse
  • Optionally Mounted on Front Bumper for Forward Obstacles
  • Ultrasonic Smart Sensors with built-in Electronics
  • Customised for Vehicle
  • High Noise Immunity
  • Diagnostics

Park Assist Controller

  • Controls Smart Sensors Based on Vehicle Drive Mode
  • Receives Obstacle Information from Sensors
  • Drives Audible Warning Device
  • Communicates with Display Device
  • Choice of LIN, CAN, K Line or Customised
  • Diagnostics on KWP 2000/ISO 14230